Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 reason to hate me.

  1. lazybones.
  2. chubby.
  3. lol guy.
  4. interest in design.and computer stuff.
  5. easily impress.
  6. easily bored.
  7. start to read book after age of 15.
  8. i never quite understand chemistry.
  9. one time, i in a newspaper.
  10. if there a choice between sleep and eating. i choose eat. then go to sleep.
  11. always a follower.
  12. if i ever to lead something, that's mean I'm piss about something.
  13. i love to stare at the sky.
  14. one time, i won national essay competition. weird.
  15. potter fan.
  16. currently read naruto, onepiece and old
  17. i considered myself as download king. i always find a way to leech.
  18. when i'm didn't say anything.that's mean i'm LOLing from my heart.or maybe annoyed.
  19. use to use sarcasm as my weapon.
  20. they say i a sensitive guy.whatever that mean.
  21. i LOVE to rant a.k.a ME RE PEK.
  22. in all of letter,number and whatnot i love to use fullstop.
  23. i'm a hypocrite.
  24. i always ask question.
  25. fall in love once. just once. hope it would last.for eva.
  26. hey, what's up with #25???couldn't it be 5 or 10. penat perah otak.
  27. ihearteat

5 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

-ROCKprincess- said...

sampai 27 tue...

suhaida lurved said...

hahaha...klaka lah ko nieh bai!!!

rYaN said...

x kisah...
bai mmg camni....
ape email skype ko...??

shindosai said...

haha. salam perkenalan semua.

aku punyer skype shindosai179@GMAIL.COM DOOD

Sukma ku said...

poyos..wak lu..but i like No 25...

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