Monday, August 8, 2011

Mathmagic : Simple yet tricky.

Do you guys like math? Or magic? what about both? math magic is a term for doing a little trick using math or number. No card, no magic wand just number. The best thing about it is, is soooo hard to figure it out but once the trick is revealed..we just go:

"'s so simple"

So, basically there are many math trick going on the internet, some are too easy, some are hard and all the it is TRICKY. A while ago, i tuned to my favourite show on youtube..and i learned 3 math trick. yeahh... wanna know what it is?? 

1. 5 + 5 + 5 = 550

Question: Add 1 line to this equation to make it true. 


Question: Use ONE number, use it three time to add up the total 60.
Example: 20+20+20=60


Question: Using all this symbol and number, make a true equation. Can only use once for each number & symbol
Example: 23+4=5(this is false equation)

Can you guys figure it out? I can only manage to answer 1/3 of this. 

Answer: Here

So be sure to comment the answer below!!!
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