Wednesday, December 15, 2010

After Effects 101 : The Beginning.

was-sup world.
nother day another effing challenge.
as i told u before, i just formatted my pc
so a lot of my software is burn away.
including the notorious,
the bombastic,
the mega nega,
the cool ,
the hottest FX software eva
- Adobe After Effects .
So , about T-minus 17 hours ago
i just "purchase" a new one.
Adobe After Effects CS5 yo.
along side with new
DVD-pack tutorial with
Andrew Kramer - Video
So lets get started.

fyi - i', totally noob in this, so lets start from the very beginning.
p/s-i hope mr lazy dont come.

4 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

THE ZUL said...

define 'purchase'

shindosai said...

purchase as in 'buy'.

THE ZUL said...

goshhh finally u legit mate!

shindosai said...

hehe..nope. as long as i can 'buy' it. i'll always 'buy' it. P.I style.

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