Monday, February 28, 2011

Photoshop oh photshoppe.


It's been a while since i follow a photoshop tutorial.
and yesterday i decided that i need to sharpen my photoshop skillz due to boredom.
boredom tend to makes us do anything
. Right!?
so, i re-visit my old fav web site for photoshop tutorial and give it a try...
the result was horrible.
haha...maybe i need to do more tutorial every now and then...
but i guess i really need new version of photoshop...



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fun4u said...

dear nice so i ki$$ you and follow you you do back at

HTC said...

hi there.. i am vi$it and ki$$ yor Ads.. please chek it and give me back

MrAbey89 said...

Xsabar ni dude.. aku lama nak cari bende ni..

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