Saturday, May 14, 2011

Haunted UNO.[video]

while ago, me and my friend had this idea to make a sequel for the missing bob

but, what we planned never been done,but as boredom struck and i still had a camera in my hand, i suppose a few 'recording' didn't hurt.

but it soon became one of most embarrassing moment in my life.
excellent acoustic. bad vocal.
so, what on earth should we do.
no mood for studying.
no food to eat. just some tedium fill the air.
then it hit me.

scary movie.
so we decided to do an adaptation
of the famous SAS: spirit of the coin
but instead ouija board we use UNO.
we love UNO.
we play it everyday.
so there you go. no script,no storyboard just having fun.

9 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

assalam...lakonan, lagu latar, edit2 semua boleh tahan...ngeh3.boleh masuk Ghost Story yg org singapore buat tuuh...hehehe

FaTiMaH said...

xnak main uno dah... ;)

si macho said...

wakakakkaa ta leh blah :DDD

lawak gilos wa rse nak bako suma2 lam vid ni

shindosai said...

sekadar hiburan..

next time kalo ader rezeki buat lagi..

Anonymous said...

diz best bro...XD

Anonymous said...

haha.. bole la nih.. kipp it ap!

AJ said...

kita bako..kita bako..keh keh keh..sempoii!

5200v said...

salam ziarah...
jom kemelaka musim cuti sekolah...
sila layari...

custom essay writing service said...

Be careful when playing UN0 you!

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