Wednesday, June 15, 2011


WOW, did any of guys been hacked before? it suck big time. KUDOS to whoever you are. (we all know who you are).Anti-censorship. Internet should be free for all. To be frank idgaf about 'your' act to ban, coz i can bypass it anyway. But, some of us(downloader) are more concern how 'your' act could eventually control our freedom. HACKED? why so surprise? 'You' had it coming. Where's 'your' expert now. 'You'd' be surprise what malaysian could do to you. Maybe you hired the wrong guy eh?
p/s : if you do not understand what i'm saying. dont ask. just gtfo.

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Hans said...

dah dua website kena hack
menanti plak esok website mana nak kena hacked

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mazeermohamad said...

huhu! perang hack xde guna~ kita pengguna yang akan merana~ sungguh! buat apa nak dibangga kan~

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TinTuCom said...


taliff said...

mmmmm....hack hack hack....nak gula nack boleh tak? :P

chris™ said...

maybe the website owner hired the hacker to built their website.. so lastly What gonna happened?

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