Tuesday, July 12, 2011

COOL as ICE : iPod Magic - Deceptions

*Bad boys, bad boys, what'ca gonna do when it came for you.

Wow, i always love magic trick especially card trick. But, this one takes it to the next level man. I never thought this is possible, so right now i don't really know whether its fake or not. All i know, this video if pure genius. I was totally mesmerized by the slight of hand thingy. How do he do that, i mean how on earth he come up with this idea. As he said on his other video, he like to do magic via technology. And on this particular video he used an I-fucking-POD. Seriously steve job should pay him...why dont you see for yourself what i meant..enjoy..

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Joe_eL said...


ken said...

so cool!

Kelvin said...

That's freaking awesome!!!

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