Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Youtube.com FTW.

Okay, for a while now, i have been stuck in front of my pc just watching and browsing youtube videos. They are many channel makes me LOL and some of it just meh. But, i couldn't stop to think that how our life are changes in this past few decades. ......

Streaming vs. plain ol' television.

disney just be mutated.
I remember when i first encounter this phenomenon, the youtube thingy. Back in '06, the first youtube video i watched is nike basketball commercial. Nothing particular about the video, but the idea to watched something on the internet is quite new for me. 
But hey, we in malaysia, we could be behind for any modern technologies for years, if you know what i mean. So, enough bout that, the thing is.. nowadays i could count how many time i flipped the button on my house remote control(astro lah..). When i need some good entertainment, i always end up on youtube.com. The way youtube works is genius actually. How!?, ..because they have that "related videos" function. And before i know it, i been hours i been glued in front of my lame desktop. from comedy-->parody..> of course cat's videos. 
Eff you youtube! You've wasted my precious time. !! But, regret i do not. I managed to learn a few tips and trick on youtube, example: i couldn't have been online for several years if i don't learn how to crack WEP on youtube!  Yes. from 2007 - early 2010.. i been lofting of my neighbor's wifi.

Well this entry is to merepek of course.

 I have done many things on the internet, from movies,game,editing and sometimes social activity. What more lay upon us in the future..what more can internet offer us...

upgrade your water closet.
"internet have been kept from us,public citizen from military for about 20 years. What we see now, imagine what they have."

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