Saturday, August 6, 2011

Comment Love? Comment LUV , Comment lah!

Come on lah!
Ok, so according to nuffnang analytic, ibaimerepek's traffic is kinda OK. Sometime ups, sometime..nah.. But 1 thing for certain, my post rarely have comment. Sad innit?

"sebab ko tak berinteraksi ngan pembaca kau ibai" 

Oh, right.. that's not my fault , because blogger comment system doesn't have notification of some sort. Not like fb statuses : when someone reply, we get notification. So, i figured i have to do something about it, i really envy those blogger who has a lot of comments and have a little "conversation" on their comment section.

shes my sister, that doesn't count.

Introducing CommentLUV

After seeing shakiddo implemented it so well on his blog, i think i should try it! Easy, and manageable. So hope with this little devil, i could have more "interaction" with my reader.(hope so). So, comment lah.hehe...tenkiu for shakiddo for the heads up.

Ibaimerepek is currently PR3 and do-follow, so comment and earn yourself a good backlink.
-ayat chrisblog

dont forget to NANG it

check ibaimerepek montage  

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