Friday, December 31, 2010

After Effects 101:Montage + One LOL guy


this one im just following yet
another kickass-time-consuming-but-very-cool tutorial.
is it worhty?yes.
will i do it again?probably no.
will i be a better person after this? no way man.
will i ever conquer my fear of losing fat? not a change.
did i always answer my own question?

if you could look the layers i had on the project file.shessh.
my comp did hang a lil bit.
render. dont even start on rendering this,
eventho it only a couple seconds. yes second.
took forever to render it.
BUT. i did manage to tweak it, to a proper size
alas, come this video.

for the sound.
i use my loyal Sony Vegas, and add some black n white,flickering thing
the sound/music could be better, but its 4.31am in the effing morning!!
esok jumaat. kene bangun awal.
i settle with this.
so if you could give a comment, i probably
could touch up a lil bit.
nahh.. i probably ignore u comment and critics.

"no sense require."
quite like it with the tagline.
took me only 1 second to come up with that.

so please press play.

8 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

whitelover said...

wuyoo..cmne wt tu? ade tutorial x?

THE ZUL said...

aduuu, installer AE ader tp xder basic haha. need sifu :P

Windows Phone said...

blogwalking, nice post! lol :D

aku.kau.kamo said...

semakin smart dowh kau wat.
nice jobs. aku suke bg sound uh. said...

$mile at here...

3Fortune Indonesia said...

visit us then we'll visit u back, thanks

Isaac Tan said...

nice :)

danes said...


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