Friday, May 27, 2011

Filehosting rendezvous.

hey, this is me ibai, and sometime i'm a little faster than a turtle.

so. it's time of the year again
where holiday happen
and boredom tend to
tag along. so, if anything could save me
from months of boredom is downloading.
it's always be there for me when i need it.
download is my friend. so to speak.

so. even though , i have my own blog
where i put download links and stuff..but that overrated..
i found that, to maintain a blog is little harder than it seems..
or maybe i just effing lazy-bone. who know.


gotta hand it to these guy, not only they
have their own blog(movie download link etc)

look at that little lizard, just wait for me to DOWNLOAD it!

but they have their own private server man.
And yes. They're MALAYSIAN. !!
we can download from ANY host(mainstream & popular)
such as rapidshare,fileserve..etc.. via their server...
so basically ,lets they do the dirty job download from the filehost..
usain bolt much?

and THEN we download it from their server..
with a NICK of SPEED i tell you.
but the free service only can download up to 50MB.
but, hey nothing is free just the rules.(really?)
the premium account of MYDOWNLOAD2U.COM
is really reasonable..
imagine all premium account at price of one.
check my go'cha list at the bottom for their latest movie updates.

not so merepek.

holidays vs. downloading.

2 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Teratai Ibunda Catering said...

macam mana klu ip address kne block eh? (mcm rapidshare sume tuh?)

shindosai said...

owh..tu kene pakai proxy la..on9 kat ofis ker?

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