Monday, May 30, 2011

Truly malaysian: Chalet deruan ombak

this is me ibai, and i is a fat breeder.Link

many summer ago, me n my friends went to
some getaway.
get-away from campus life that is.
so we choose our little va-cay to
Chalet Deruan Ombak
in padang kemunting, pangkalan balak melaka.
Like many,holiday-home
it have the same facilities and stuff,
camping ground,wi-fi and whatnot..

dawn at chalet deruan ombak,freezing.

But, thing that carved eternally to
my heart about that place is their
Malaysian Quality.
kindness and their friendliness.
As soon as we get there, we tend like they know us.
The host chat with us, serve us a little snack,give a little
two info(melaka) about their place and that makes our
tiredness wash away.

the wind will probably mess up you hair.

with that being said. i like to recommend it to all
of you, if want some place to relax from a rusty busty of city life :
it's quiet down there, very calm and tranquil.
the price is cheap and affordable for us( as a student).
go check their web for more info.

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anem** said...

Hi ibai :) Nice blog you have here. :)

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